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Enabling Linux KVM virtualization on RHEL5.4

There’s not too much documentation out there on how to go about enabling Kernel Virtual Machines on RHEL5.4 (even though it’s one of the new features of RHEL5.4). Maybe this will help someone else. This is the list of RPMs (from the RHEL DVD) I had to install to make it work on my machine: […]

Opening firewall ports for iLO

If you want to access an iLO behind a firewall, there are some TCP ports that need to be opened on the firewall to allow all iLO traffic to flow through. ┬áHere is a list of the default ports used by iLO, but these can be modified on iLO’s Administration… Access… Services… tab.

How to Kill iLO 2 Remote VSP Connections

A new feature crept in unannounced in the recent iLO 2 v1.77 firmware update from HP: You can now kill / terminate Virtual Serial Port (VSP) sessions that are open or hung. This is a very useful when you need to connect to the VSP but you (or someone else) is already connected from another […]

HP is rebranding iLO as the ProLiant Onboard Administrator

You may have noticed something different in HP’s latest ProLiant G6 server announcements. Something called the HP ProLiant Onboard Administrator that doesn’t have anything to do with blades! For example, this page from HP.COM: HP ProLiant Onboard Administrator