I use Stickies on my Mac very often.  I use it as a simple database to track things I need to remember.  Recently I discovered a bug however, and have reported it to Apple (Bug ID # 6331876).  This silent bug was pretty frustrating to me until I realized what was happening.  It’s still frustrating to know that the Find function has this major bug (imho).

If you have multiple stickies, and attempt to search for something using Find… (CMD F) and what you are searching for does not exist (e.g. “xyzzy”), then you will never be able to successfully find something that DOES exist (e.g. the word “password”) until you click on a different sticky to bring it on top of all the other stickies.

This is REALLY ANNOYING to me.  Basically if you try to find something that doesn’t exist, you won’t be able to find things that DO exist until clicking on a different sticky window.  I have about 20 Stickies windows and rely on Find… to find what I’m looking for (like passwords for websites, etc.).

I hope Apple can fix this sometime – it should be pretty easy to fix.  Maybe I should send an email to Steve Jobs.  😉  Anyway, here’s the complete bug report:

Summary:  Stickies Find function doesn’t always work

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Have multiple Stickies windows open with various text contents
2. Press CMD-F to pull up the Find… dialog window.
3. Attempt to search for something that you know does NOT exist in your Stickies.
4. It will say “not found” – this is expected.
5. Now, change the search box to something you know DOES exist in your Stickies.
6. Press the “Next” button to search for the new string that it should be able to find.

Expected Results:

You expect that the string WILL be found.

Actual Results:

The string is not found, and the Find… dialog says “Not Found”.


To work around this bug, you can click on a Sticky window that is NOT on top – bringing it to the top of the screen.  Then you can click on the Find… dialog box and attempt your search again and this time it WILL find the string you’re looking for. This is Stickies version 6.0.0 on OS X 10.5.5.