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Bug in Stickies Find function in Mac OS X (Leopard)

I use Stickies on my Mac very often.  I use it as a simple database to track things I need to remember.  Recently I discovered a bug however, and have reported it to Apple (Bug ID # 6331876).  This silent bug was pretty frustrating to me until I realized what was happening.  It’s still frustrating to know that the Find function has this major bug (imho).

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How to Split Up (and Recombine) a Big File on Leopard (or Linux)

Sometimes you might have a very large file that you want to email or FTP to someone, but your email server limits you to small size attachments. The good news is that this is very easy to do with the tools already on your computer. The bad news is that you may have to learn a little about Terminal and the Bash command line utilities. Remember, learning can keep you young!

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Setting iLO Configuration using the Onboard Administrator

Haven’t you always wanted to configure your blade iLO’s en masse instead of one by one? You can now with the Onboard Administrator’s ‘HPONCFG’ command. Here’s an example of a RIBCL XML script that can be used with the HPONCFG command in the Onboard Administrator (OA) command line interface (CLI). This example script will modify the iLO user account “root” to give it all of the Administrator privileges. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Enabling Linux Serial Console with a Script

There are a number of steps needed to properly enable a serial console on Linux. You have to make sure that the kernel uses it for logging, make sure a getty runs on it, make sure that kudzu doesn’t mess with your terminal, and finally make sure that root logins are allowed on it. To make these steps simpler, I have written a script to perform all the steps automatically. This script was written and tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4) but it could easily be modified for other Linux distributions.

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Using conserver to monitor iLO virtual serial ports (updated)

There are a lot of companies that use serial console servers (e.g. Cyclades) to monitor the serial ports of their servers. These servers are usually running an operating system like Linux or FreeBSD. By accessing the serial console, the administrator can control almost everything on the server, and even watch it boot. This type of server management originated with Unix servers that did not have a video console – just a legacy RS-232 DB9 serial port.

With the advent of blade servers like the HP BladeSystem, the use of serial console servers is no longer necessary. [Read the rest of this entry…]