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Internet Telcel Amigo 3G Scam

¿Quién es tu verdadero amigo? Recently, I became a Telcel Amigo Plan customer, and one of the reasons was that they offer the ability to purchase packages of Internet service on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I don’t need a full month of service, just occasional use of 3G when I’m away from my […]

WordPress Blog PermaLinks Hacked by “ElijahHastings65”!

This morning, I discovered that all of my permalinks (e.g. were broken. When the permalinks were used, they would redirect to a URL that was partially correct, but had some extra code added to the end. Here’s what I would see on the end of the URLs: /wordpress %&evalbase64_decode_SERVERHTTP_REFERER.+&%/ This seems harmless, but it […]